Why Verge Business Services?

Why not? We have worked very hard to offer the best product possible to our customers. Below you will find what sets Verge Networks apart from the rest. Click Ďmoreí for further information on any of the topics.

No charge no obligation consultation with you [even if you have never used us before] on any computer related product or service; from how things work to what options are best for your organization. more
Flexible pricing means you choose the pricing that best works for you: by the hour, by incident, per computer, per user and proactive support plans. more
We support and repair systems from any manufacturer. more
After hours and weekend calls at no additional charge. more
Pick-up and drop-off services. more
Discounted pricing for contractual based work. more
No travel charge to your location. more
Response times often less than 1 hour. more
Experience with clients in all fields and of all sizes. more
We guarantee all of our work. more
Clear understandable communication. more

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