Premium Computer Systems

At Verge Networks, we have found that there are not quality, affordable options for high-end, high-performance and specialty computer systems. Therefore, we only make computer systems designed and optimized for maximum performance in their particular use. To do this, we complete substantial research on the hardware and software we use in each system to make sure it is the best and optimal for the system it is being used in. Included in that research is finding those products that have been proven [by both industry professionals as well as independent users] to be the leaders in their function. Further we build our systems to enhance your productivity in many ways by using: innovative and intuitive input devices, feature rich new or breaking technologies, advanced software or by simply using the best and fastest products on the market. Together, we offer you computers with maximum capability, incredible speed, and enormous value.

Professional Applications:
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Render Farm Systems
  • Building Information Systems
  • Building Security / Employee Access Systems
  • Computer Aided Design [CAD] / CAE / CAM
  • Customer Relationship Systems both Fixed and Handheld
  • Digital Content Creation [DCC] / Graphic Arts
  • Digital Menu / Information Systems
  • Dual User Computer Systems
  • Financial Services and Trading Systems
  • Geographic Information Systems [GIS]
  • Industrial / High Impact Computer Systems
  • Kiosks / Automated Customer Service Systems
  • Mobile Vehicle / Aircraft Mounted Computer Systems
  • Newspaper and Magazine Layout Systems
  • Non-Linear Editing [NLE] / Digital Video Editing
  • Photo Studio Systems
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Printing Prepress Systems
  • Silent Systems for Audio Recording / Mixing / Studio Applications
  • Secure Data Systems
  • Servers
  • Table Imaging / Collobrative Learning / Planning and Information System
  • Travel [Snap] Servers
  • Video Security / Monitoring / Recording Systems
Home Applications:
  • Dorm Computer System
  • Dual User Computer Systems
  • Home Automation Systems
  • Home Security / Video Systems
  • Ultra Gaming Systems
  • Ultra Home Theatre System
  • Ultra Small Desktop Systems

Is your use/application not listed here? If it isnít, please donít hesitate to contact us so that we can work with you to research and configure a system optimized for your specific needs.

We, from time to time, list some of our most popular systems on ebay at a measurable discount. Click here to see what systems are currently listed or have been listed in the past several weeks.

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