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January 3, 2005

Verge Networks is proud to be listed on the Bizjournals Business to Business [b2b] Directory for IT services, computer support and corporate consulting services including network and network related services, installation, offsite backup solutions, WiFi, VPN / remote access as well as web development services for small to medium sized businesses throughout Ohio. View our listing here.

September 21, 2004

In an effort to give students a reliable yet affordable solution for their computer problems, we have launched Only students will be eligible for substantially discounted prices on common services as well as special packages we have designed specifically for them. This will expand our customer base, while giving students a company they can trust for all of their computer needs. We understand the life of a student as well as the need for affordable student options and are proud to be offering this unique service.

March 10, 2004

Today, Verge Networks had formed a team at United Devices for our consultants and our clients to join. has developed software that allows your computer to do research with your unused computer processing power. For example, when you surf the internet or word process, you generally use less than 20% of your computerís processing power. The surplus power is then used by the grid software to perform research, which at this time, is dedicated to cancer and smallpox. This research could lead to various treatments of these ailments. We feel that it is our corporate responsibility to participate in this great and admirable project that will benefit everyone.

For more information about or how it works, click here. If you are familiar with this technology and would like to join our team, first download the software, then go here to join our team.

Join the fight. Join the grid!

If you are a Verge Networks customer, we will gladly install and configure this software on any computer at no charge to you.

February 23, 2004

Verge Networks is glad to announce the launch of the new Verge Networks website. This site was designed and built by Novaurora and is the product of several weeks of collaboration. We feel this new corporate image aligns with the services that Verge Networks offers to both the home and business computer user.

For more information on any news listed on our site, please contact us here with your request.

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