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We know computers can be overwhelming, so we make it simple. You tell us what you want your computer(s) to do, we’ll give you possible options and you decide what you want us to do. Then we obtain and install everything required to finish the project; all of our service time and cost of equipment is included in our quote. Unlike electronics stores, we propose the best solution, not the most expensive--and we save you time and money in the process. Click here to request more information or a system quote.

Verge Networks is proud to offer the following services to our clients:

If you run a small business from your home, Verge Networks Business may have solutions that better fit your needs.

Need new computers, but don't know megahertz from megabytes? Let us help you. You tell us what you need them to do, and we’ll figure out the rest. Included with your new computer purchase is all the setup required, hook up of any printers or scanners that you may have, as well as connection of your new computers to the internet [provided you have a connection already at your location]. Still not convinced? Click here.

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