Packages, Services and Pricing

Included in the price below is the trip to your location, all the necessary time for a Verge Network Consultant to install and test the hardware/software as well as all the applicable taxes. [unless otherwise stated]

Interested in hardware, software or other products not listed here? Let us use our buying power for you. Verge Networks can get you what you want and install it, often for a price less than what it would cost in the store. Please contact us with the specifics and we'll generate a no obligation custom quote for you.


Basic Home Wired Network $87.36
How would you like a home network installed for less than $90.00? This includes a Belkin 4 port firewall router that will connect the local computers and share an internet connection [must have broadband]. This package also includes 2 Intel 10/100 pci network cards: installed, configured and tested.
Basic Wireless Network $150.74
If you want a wireless network for your home or home office, but are concerned about the price, this is the solution for you. Included is a Netgear MR814 [802.11b] wireless router which will allow all the computers at your location to communicate via a network as well as share 1 broadband internet connection. This router offers very robust features, a firewall as well as additional connections for up to 4 wired computers. Also included is a card for your laptop or desktop computer [please specify upon ordering]. Installation, configuration, testing and taxes are all included. Add additional computers for $62.03 a piece.
Laptop Freedom Package $329.51
Freedom to roam your home or office without sacrificing performance. Included is a Wireless Firewall Router [802.11g 54 Megabit] that serves as the base for your wireless network. It will allow you to share your broadband internet and give you the speed to do even the most demanding applications including streaming media and copying large files. Built into the base is a print server that will allow you to print from anywhere in your home or office without connecting any wires. Because of this feature we have included a new HP 3520 Color Inkjet Printer. Finally, included is the card for your laptop to connect to the base station. As always, the trip, installation, testing and tax is part of the price. Add additional computers or laptops for $88.71 a piece.
Premium Wireless Package $xx.xx
Coming Soon
Super Long Range Wireless Network $xx.xx
Coming Soon
Premium Home Entertainment Package $xx.xx
Coming Soon
Digital Video Upgrade Package $xx.xx
Coming Soon

Support Solutions

Computer Diagnostics $xx.xx
Coming Soon
Virus Removal $xx.xx
Coming Soon
AdWare/Spyware Removal and Protection $xx.xx
Coming Soon
System Cleanup and Optimization $xx.xx
Coming Soon
System Backup $xx.xx
Coming Soon


Wired Network Card Upgrade $36.68
Installation, configuration and testing of an Intel Ethernet 10/100TX Network Card [Intel 82558 chipset] This card will allow your computer to share files with other networked computers as well as access broadband internet.
CD Burner Drive Upgrade $67.36
Tired of everyone you know making their own CD's? Now is the time to make your own. Included is a Samsung CD Writer/ReWriter Internal Drive that can record CD's in as little as 2 minutes. Installation, testing, taxes and the trip are, as always, included.
DVD Drive Upgrade $72.70
Installation, testing, travel to your location and taxes are included with this upgrade. The new drive allows you to watch DVD's on your computer as well as access DVD and CD data discs.
External USB CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive Upgrade $168.10
This external CD-RW/DVD-ROM combination drive is a slim drive designed to be used anywhere, whether you you work behind a desk, or are a notebook user who is always on the go. This drive can write CD's at 24x, rewrite at 24x, read CD media at 24x and DVD media at 8x! This means you can record a full CD in 3 minutes! A 2 MB buffer and SuperLink technology help prevent any errors during disc creation. The USB 2.0 interface provides quick and easy access for PCs, but will also work with USB 1.1. Installation, testing, travel to your location and taxes are included with this upgrade.
256 MB RAM Upgrade $109.44
This 256 MB RAM Upgrade is for desktop and server systems only [not laptops] that do not use 1066MHz RIMM [a rarely used type of RAM]. Included is all taxes, the RAM for your system, installation and testing by a Verge Networks Consultant.
Scanner Upgrade $xx.xx
Coming Soon.
Video Card Upgrade $xx.xx
Coming Soon.
Digital Video Upgrade: Firewire 1394 and USB 2.0 Combo Card $xx.xx
Coming Soon.
Tv Card with Personal Video Recorder $xx.xx
Coming Soon.


Quicken 2004 Deluxe $55.62
Quicken 2004 Premiere Home and Business $99.39
Norton AntiVirus 2004 $51.49
Norton Internet Security Package $93.38
Included in this package: Norton AntiVirus 2004, Norton Personal Firewall 2004, Norton Privacy Control, Norton AntiSpam and Norton Parental Controls [if desired]
Symantec PC Anywhere 11 $194.73
Symantec pcAnywhere™ 11.0 is the world’s leading remote control solution. This program allows you to connect to your computer while you are away and use your computer as if you are sitting at it. Robust security prevents unauthorized access to your personal data.
Nero 6 Ultra Suite $72.36
Included in this package: Nero Smartstart, Nero Express 6, Nero InCD4, Nero Vision Express 2 and Nero ShowTime. With this you can easliy manage all of your burning tasks including burning DVD-Video, Photo, Data, Audio or BackUp. Nero 6 ultra also allows you to edit audio, mix tracks, watch movies, listen to music, design covers and optimize your system.
IBM ViaVoice 9.1 Pro $102.70
Microsoft Publisher 2003 $195.46
Microsoft Publisher 2003 with Digital Imaging $240.30
This version includes all the features of Publisher 2003 but also allows you to perfect your photos with powerful finishing tools. This advanced selection of tools let you fix problems that exist in only part of or throughout the entire picture. You can remove red-eye, adjust lighting, airbrush imperfections, remove unwanted objects, merge multiple images and crop.
Microsoft Office XP $394.85
Included in this package: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Publisher
Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003 $437.55
Included in this package: Microsoft Word 2003, Excel 2003, Outlook with business contact manager, Powerpoint 2003 and Publisher 2003
Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard $294.85
Adobe® Acrobat® 6.0 Standard software enables business professionals to easily convert any electronic or paper document—even a Web site—to a reliable Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file for exchange and review with colleagues and customers.
Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 $141.41
Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 2.0 software provides the perfect combination of power and simplicity so you can do more with your photos. From quickly correcting red eye, color, and exposure to more creative editing, you can easily achieve outstanding results. Comprehensive Help features offer easy-to-understand explanations, definitions of terminology, hints for using editing tools, and more. Inspirational Recipes describe how to apply amazing special effects and help you perform a variety of editing techniques. Whether you use a digital camera or a scanner, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 makes digital imaging a breeze.
Windows XP Home New Install $190.06
Windows XP Home Upgrade $205.97
Windows XP Professional New Install $302.76
Windows XP Professional Upgrade $326.81
Windows 2000 New Install $299.75
Windows 2000 Upgrade $263.44

If you are interested in any of the products or services listed above, please contact us to set up an appointment. [Please be sure to include the product(s)/Service(s) that you are interested in.] Also, if you have questions about anything above, please feel free to ask; we would be glad to answer!

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