Why Verge?

There are many ways that we differentiate ourselves from other high-end system companies. Below we have listed what we consider to be the most vital to making us the best company possible for your system needs.

Features and Value:
  • We are dedicated to keeping our systems less expensive than from other system builders, most if not all with greater performance, enhanced usability and other value added features
  • We use only the newest technologies and components with the fastest speeds and largest capacities.
  • Never outdated or reduced economy-line components.
  • Highest grade and newest components increase the usable life span of our systems over weaker competitor systems.
  • Our systems are turnkey solutions, designed to include everything you will need, without necessitating the purchase of additional devices or software.
  • All components researched to be the finest available with the greatest features and best performance.
  • All components evaluated by both industry professionals as well as everyday users to insure a comprehensive assessment.
  • Users of similar systems from other manufacturers are consulted to find the features that they desire from their systems. This information is then used to find the feature-rich configurations that satisfy actual user needs.
  • We are constantly researching emerging technologies, evaluating them and adding them to our product lineup. Because of this, our systems often contain products and capabilities that some people didnít even know existed.
  • All of our systems are hand assembled out of the finest materials by experienced professionals in the United States.
  • All software and drivers are installed, preconfigured and optimized for maximum performance. When you turn on your Verge System it is ready to use immediately.
  • Our systems made when you order them; they are not mass produced and sitting in a warehouse. This also allows us to implement custom configurations or technological advances immediately without the lag time associated with exhausting current inventory or changing production techniques.
Testing and Quality Control:
  • All parts are tested before your systems ships to insure that everything works properly when it arrives
  • We also use software to rigorously test your systemís stability and performance during a ďburn-in periodĒ to verify that all of your computerís parts are functioning properly and to specification.
  • We started our business as a computer support firm, and we continue to offer those services. So rest easy, if your computer ever does fail, your call will be answered personally by experts here in the United States [not offshored to other countries] and handled with the utmost speed and efficiency.
  • If there is hardware or software that you prefer--that we donít offer--contact us and we can custom configure a system just for you. Further, we can custom design and manufacture any system for your specific use, even if not listed here in our product offerings
  • We do not offer online purchase because we feel that personally handling each order provides better customer service and thus provides for more satisfied customers.

We do not make average computer systems for average uses. While it is true that most computers can do everything, every computer cannot do everything well. Don't let a company that specializes in 'average' try to build you an exceptional computer: come to us.

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