Verge Systems Computer Product Showcase:

Digital Information and Menu Systems

Digital Information and Menu Systems are revolutionizing the way companies communicate with their customers. Forget the days of printed cardboard, flimsy displays and backlit letters; digital info and menu computer systems give you the ability to vibrantly and dynamically make the customer impact that every business desires. Further you can change the content dynamically, even up-sell your customers based on the information, images, animations and videos on your system. They can interface with any combination of display technologies including multiple plasmas, LCDs, projectors, CRTs, touch screens, LEDs, OLEDs, and TVs. Further, they can be controlled, managed and updated instantly from a remote or central location. Digital Information Systems pay for themselves quickly by reducing the incremental costs from new and varying products, changes in message or even changes in season.

They can also be used to inform guests or employees by linking the Digital Information Systems directly to any database, and thus make a great addition to hotels, conference centers, shopping malls, museums, factories, places of business and air/train/bus terminals [where systems like these have been used for years]. Digital Displays are also a great addition to your booth at trade shows, demonstrations or other special events.

Our Verge consultants will guide you through finding the products that best suit your needs, and can custom design and spec anything at no charge to you. If you donít see something here that suits you, please contact us with your ideas, as with current computer hardware, your imagination is the only limit to what these systems can do. [Your ideas will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.]

See digital information systems at work in different installations:

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