About Us

Verge Networks is a small company dedicated to giving our customers the best computer systems and consultation possible. Because of our size, we can give our customers the personal service they deserve, while our experience allows us to give the professional results that are required.

While our premium computer systems have received incredible response from all around the world, and are available most everywhere worldwide, we currently only serve the greater Columbus area with our onsite support and IT outsourcing services. We are, however, constantly evaluating growth into other locations and additional products that we can offer. If you are interested in helping us grow into new markets, or would like to propose potential partnership or growth opportunities, please contact us here.

We are always looking for qualified and enthusiastic individuals to enrich the Verge Networks team. Verge Networks has a casual, but professional environment that offers our consultants scheduling freedoms that are generally not available from other companies. If you meet these requirements and would like more information, please let us know, and we will contact you shortly.

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