Verge Premium Computer Systems

NOTE: The computer system search and specification engine for the site is down for upgrades. These upgrades should be quick but please have patience, as they will make our site more robust and better able to suit your needs.

During this downtime, all of our systems, including custom systems and the ones below, are available for sale. For detailed information on any system, as well as pricing/availability information, please contact us here.

Professional Applications:
  • 3D Modeling Systems
  • 3D Render Farm Systems
  • Building Information Systems
  • Building Security / Employee Access Systems
  • Computer Aided Design [CAD] / CAE / CAM Systems
  • Customer Relationship Systems both Fixed and Handheld
  • Digital Content Creation [DCC] / Graphic Arts
  • Digital Menu / Information Systems
  • Dual User Computer Systems
  • Financial Services and Trading Systems
  • Geographic Information Systems [GIS]
  • Industrial / High Impact Computer Systems
  • Kiosks / Automated Customer Service Systems
  • Mobile Vehicle / Aircraft Mounted Computer Systems
  • Newspaper and Magazine Layout Systems
  • Non-Linear Editing [NLE] / Digital Video Editing
  • Photo Studio Systems
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Printing Prepress Systems
  • Silent Systems for Audio Recording / Mixing / Studio Applications
  • Secure Data Systems
  • Servers
  • Table Imaging / Collobrative Learning / Planning and Information System
  • Travel [Snap] Servers
  • Video Security / Monitoring / Recording Systems
Home Applications:
  • Dorm Computer System
  • Dual User Computer Systems
  • Home Automation Systems
  • Home Security / Video Systems
  • Ultra Gaming Systems
  • Ultra Home Theatre System
  • Ultra Small Desktop Systems
Ultra Portables by special arrangement with Dynamism:
  • Sony Vaio U-Series [U50/U70]
  • Sony Caio X505 Extreme
  • Samsung X30
  • NEC VY11
  • JVC 741
  • Panasonic Y2
  • Panasonic R3
  • Panasonic W2
  • Fujitsu T70H
Please contact us for information on any of the systems listed above

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